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Why Everything Is Destiny’s Play

24 Apr 2016

24th Oct 2015 noon I was working from my remote desk at We Work in Midtown NYC. It was almost a week I was in New York and was just desperate to meet new people and convert them into clients. I was coping up with jet-lag and frustrated with not cracking a single deal even after 1 […]

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Why are we not happy like a child

17 Apr 2016

Yesterday morning, while I was leaving for my office, I saw my neighbours child . Called him up and the way he would just come ,hug me , kiss me and just wave a good bye , it just made my day. I saw the smile on his face, the happiness . It was just amazing. Deep […]

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Don’t be a coder for your entire life

06 Apr 2016

Good Morning, Afternoon Or Evening depending on which part of earth  you’re located. So, just to give you a brief, I am a PHP / WordPress Developer from the financial capital of India, Mumbai. I have been coding from my college days and you can find more about what I do here. I have seen my friends ending […]

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