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Why are we not happy like a child

17 Apr 2016

Yesterday morning, while I was leaving for my office, I saw my neighbours child . Called him up and the way he would just come ,hug me , kiss me and just wave a good bye , it just made my day. I saw the smile on his face, the happiness . It was just amazing. Deep down, I did just think that why are we not happy like that child. And I did find few reasons for that.

Lets go back to our school days. We used to ask each other about our future. Like what will you like to be when you grow up. And I remember that most of the guys will say that I will be a pilot and the gals would say that they want to be a doctor. But, slowly as we grow, we just start forgetting that child in us. We start doing things that we never wanted to do or which was never our passion.

Now coming back to the happy child. Why is the child happy? He is happy because he get things that he wants. A child will just cry and make sure that he gets what he wants and not what someone gives him. Try to give him almonds when he wants a chocolate and he will still cry till he gets the chocolate. Finally the mission is accomplished by getting things that he wants.

We adults on the other side do exactly the opposite. We just try to dig our happiness or our needs and start accomplishing things that others want. Like, someone wants to be a commerce graduate but ends up becoming a science graduate . No doubt that he performs extremely well in what he does. But the accomplishment is something that he never wanted. All the praise that he gets is not something he ever wanted. His own needs / requirements are just buried out somewhere down his heart which keeps on haunting him . So, even an accomplished target is a big failure for him.

We all are not just happy because all we want to do is make others happy. We have just allowed people around us to decide what we should do. If your uncle’s friend’s child has did an MBA and secured a job in an MNC,  that uncle starts defining your needs. And we under the pressure of people and society just start doing that which is completely unacceptable for you as a person.

Apart from this, we have all been driven by fear from the very beginning. We are always said, “hey don’t do this” , “Stretch your legs according to the size of the quilt”, ” get educated, do a masters if you want to get married to a good girl” and many more things like this. So, we are all void of taking risks. This is something that’s hurting us and not making us happy. We are always in the guilt of failing to not even try for it. We have always surrendered ourselves to the fear of failure. We have just stopped taking risks in our lives. But, if you want to stay ahead in the race , you always need to take a risk of overtaking your opponent on the race track. Without that there is no winning. Even if you fail, you are always sure that you at least tried to do a thing and found out that it was not the right thing for you.

Finally, one parameter that we all tie ourselves to is the satisfaction. We all say that I will just stop working if I make 1 million or if I achieve this and that.We humans have reached here only due to our thirst for evolving. If the stone age dudes were happy with lightning up a fire, we would have never used that fire to light up the rockets and send them to the space. I always say that “Satisfaction is the stepping stone to failure”.  So, don’t be satisfied. Don’t lose your hunger for getting new things. Find new things that you like to do, explore new opportunities. And at the end of the day, just fight for what you want and not for what people want.

And at last, just awaken the child in you that you have killed while growing up 🙂