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Why Everything Is Destiny’s Play

24 Apr 2016

24th Oct 2015 noon

I was working from my remote desk at We Work in Midtown NYC. It was almost a week I was in New York and was just desperate to meet new people and convert them into clients. I was coping up with jet-lag and frustrated with not cracking a single deal even after 1 week.

All of the sudden, I saw a network feed with a guy looking out for some help with his website. It was an unpaid job. Just pinged him up and asked if I can help him and he was very happy that I was so eager to help him out for free. When I reached 222 broadway and met him, I just realized that this guy, Greg, runs a blog called Now, I was getting greedy thinking that I will offer this man a free service, impress him and then charge him later for my services.

But as they say, “Man propose, God disposes.” We tried to sort out his problems and we were done in about 15 minutes. The conversation expanded and he asked me what kind of clients was I looking for. I explained that I generally look for designers and agencies who need WordPress consultation or PHP Consultation.

As if it was all planned by GOD, just opposite to us, there was a man named Alex, who runs an amazing branding agency and is always on an lookout for people like me. Greg said:

Hey, you see that guy on his Mac Book? He’s like the mayor of this place. I spoke to him and he seems like a real authority on marketing. He seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Maybe you can help each other out I bet he would love your expertise.

What else do you want? This is NYC. You gotta have an attitude to just barge in and start talking. Talks went through and today Alex and my company share amazing projects. So far about three projects in six months…and more to come.

It’s amazing how one small act of kindness from Greg and here I am with three projects. It’s all planned by destiny. It was one selfless thing that opened a path to great, new beginnings. All we should do is just go with the flow and keep on doing the good and good is gonna come back to you. The outcome in this case looks very promising and amazing. However, its not always the case that you get good for good.

Many a times, you are rejected or you fail at something. But, the best part about rejections or failures is that it builds you. Just to give you an example, I signed up on a portfolio showcase website called about a year ago. I built up everything, set up my portfolio and spent like 4 – 5 hrs on it. But, for some reason, my work was not being featured. I was getting annoyed because I was not ranking high enough. Yes, I often get frustrated when I don’t get things done right or when things don’t happen quickly. So, I shot an email to the website’s owner asking why am I not getting featured or why am I not ranking higher. The guy, Nicholas Tart, explained the website’s listing criteria and asked me to modify things as per his requirements. I  followed his guidance and today, I have one project featured on, and I rank in the Top 10 WordPress Developers category.

We need to understand that sometimes, we don’t get things that we deserve only because we never put in all the effort needed. Some crucial elements are not completed to their fullest extent. We might have failed to achieve the best outcome like I did with my portfolio. In today’s world, we have become so self-centered that we just don’t want to acknowledge or understand other people. We are only frustrated by not getting the things we need. You failed to secure a job? It might be you were not fitting the other person’s criteria, not because of some shortcoming on your part.

So, this is what you need to do. When you get rejected or you fail, just follow these steps:

  1. Don’t get frustrated.
  2. Explain to yourself that this situation is temporary and you will overcome it.
  3. Start analyzing. If someone rejected you, ask them the reason for this rejection.
  4. If you failed, analyze why it happened. What did you miss?
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. They have a separate destiny and you don’t know how many times they failed or were rejected.
  6. Talk to your team, your mentors, your parents and find new strategies and perspectives.
  7. Start working again on a new path.
  8. Repeat this until you succeed.

So, the next time you did not achieve the results you were shooting for or you failed badly, just remember…it’s nothing but destiny’s plan. It is there to bring the best out of you.  After all, success is the best revenge bitch !! 🙂